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Slow Mole for NES


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Slow Mole cartridge for Famicom. We're sending a few of these out for review and testing (send me a message if you're a reviewer and like to take part). This is essentially the look of the upcoming limited Famicom release, though we are still testing out different LEDs.

Patrons will get the chance to order first. Another way we are going to distribute these is as rewards on Itch.io, so one way to make sure you get one (besides Patreon) is to make a small donation when downloading there. That will serve as an advance payment and make it easier for us to contact you (Itch.io provides contact info to us for all who are listed as buyers).

Note, that this is the naked PCB version for Famicom. A version in a shell is in the works for NES and possibly a more conventional Famicom version later on. We will of course also offer some kind of warranty (more details later), but with proper ground planes and modern component level ESD-protection, we feel handling this PCB version is perfectly safe, those features aren't commonly found in old Famicom games. This has been designed by a highly experienced engineer according to the highest standards with proper 5V-components.





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8 hours ago, Red said:

Watching that trailer makes me want to play again, but I think I'd rather wait for the physical.  Is there an estimated date that the regular release will become available?

No, not yet I'm afraid. Most of the boards we've made so far is currently in the hands of testers. If no major issues turn up, we'll make a batch for patrons with the same design, followed by a somewhat wider (but still very limited) release. For batches this size we need to do some assembly ourselves which puts a limit on how many and how fast we can produce them. Kristofer, who's doing most of the assembly, also has a day job as an inventor/programmer/hardware designer so our production speed is also affected by how much extra time he has to put in at work.

I hope to get the boards to the patrons out the next few weeks, so that will give you a rough idea about the timeline.

After that, we'll make an announcement about how to order the Famicom version.

We'll have a more streamlined approach for the production of the later NES version (in a shell), so we should be able to make more of those under a more predictable timeline.


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Hackinformer did a review on the game and the cartridge. Nice to see they were very pleased! Some of what they said about the cartridge design:

"First off, just wow. The fact that they went with the black screenmask was the first brilliant touch. Then there is the printing for the PCB. By having a gold toned print on it, it not only matches the metal components of the board but it just oozes premium quality.

Second of all, I like the dual LED lights that complete the feeling of one of the electric wire obstacle. It’s present on the board by a print of the scary electrical obstacles. However, the game has nailed down its awesome factor when you turn the game on and the LED’s light up!

Next, the board is multilayered. Cheaper boards literally might only have 3 layers and have a flimsy quality to them. I’m uncertain as to which company manufactures these boards, otherwise I’d have specs for you. But rest assured, this thing is built like a brick building. It never succumbed to bending when inserting the game without a shell into the console. This physical cartridge feels more like a premium trophy to compliment an easier way to play it, like on an emulator. However, it can be played, for sure. So don’t be afraid of it!"

Full review: https://hackinformer.com/2022/01/16/game-review-slow-mole-for-nes-famicom/

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Slow Mole+ is out!
It adds secret alternative routes to the game and features many secret levels with new themes and new mechanics. (They will take some finding though and can only be found on normal or hard mode.) This is the early access version 0.9 and some end game content is yet to be added.
Everyone who supported Slow Mole in the past should already have access to it.


And yes, we're planning a physical NES release too. More info on that to follow.

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