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Wild Choppers N64 pin set!


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Yo, this is an odd one! So, I have no idea what the story is behind this, it's just something I came across and couldn't resist picking up!

So there's this N64 game Wild Choppers (Chopper Attack outside Japan). It's not exactly a great game, and it's pretty cheap and common:


Anyway, bizarrely I just saw this pin set for it on my usual online shopping site:



I was really lucky to spot it actually because it doesn't actually mention N64 anywhere on it apart from the back, but I was familiar with the game so I clicked it. Also there is no barcode on it, so the provenance of the item itself is a mystery, like I have never seen this game with like pack-ins or anything. Possibly a promotional item:


Anyway, figured I'd share this one, I think it's neat! 🙂

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That's as cool and fascinating as it is unique.  Of all games for a developer to get nutty over enough to commission not just a pin, but an entire set of them.  The game is good, but it's B- tier stuff too, they had to have known it despite the global launch.

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This is unique for 2 reasons:

- not many N64 games come with pins  (at least to my knowledge)

- the pins are actually more interesting than the game itself; you can’t say that too often about other game pins!


Cool find! Games Gone Wild!

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