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  1. Hori Arcade Stick collection + others:
  2. I'll share with you some pics: Atari Lynx Wonderswan Projet Zero/Fatal Frame
  3. Hardware Sony Ps2-Ps3-Ps4 collection:
  4. Disgaea Collection: Senran Kagura Collection: Project Zero/Fatal Frame Collection: Fire Emblem Collection: Dragon Quest Collection: Kingdom Hearts Collection: Shadow Hearts collection: Marl's Kingdom collection: Valis Collection: Valkyrie profile collection: Suikoden collection: Wild Arms collection: Eternal Arcadia: Xenosaga/Xenoblade collection:
  5. Awesome collection!
  6. Very nice collection! Congrats ^^
  7. Limited Jap visual novel,Anime,shooter ecc...
  8. Limited,Collector's Edition ecc..
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