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The Translation Hack(s) that You've Been Waiting for?


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Translation patches are great, but there always seems to be one more game that I'm looking forward to seeing translated. I probably would have lost interest in the older libraries years ago, but with patches the amount of games out there keeps them alive and well. So what all have you been keeping an eye out for, whether for months or years?


Personally, I'm patiently waiting for Star Ocean" Blue Sphere. From what I have played it looks great. Ghideon Zi is working on it, and a French one was released last year. Hanjuku Hero is another one that I'd like to see, being a Squaresoft fan, but it has translation issues. In my own attempts to hack it and play around with changing a few things, I can say that it also has some programming challenges as well.


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Translations whether done along time ago by the game makers or via more recent from fans are the reason that I am playing more story and dialogue driven games. Ever since I realized I was able to play games in other languages on the 360, on my US xbox 360, really, wow! Though also given the downloaded game had the option for other languages, I never played them in english, always in french, though tried out german and spanish as well, just never took to them enough. I done typed out so much dialogue from playing State of Decay, and ever since many times I play a game I will do this, to have it all to refer back to, helps me learn, I suppose. And then I had looked for NES games but very few really heavy translations exist. I did try translating Faxanadu myself a while ago but then found myself also changing the dialogue since some of it never made any sense in the game, never finished the work though, but it was only for teaching myself, combination french and editing the in game text in the rom. But about a month ago I downloaded a shit load of games for various old systems, and now have more games that are in french, so finding myself playing old favorites in my hopefully one day second language. It's because of these roms of old games that I still do some art sometimes as well as being able to play games in a language other than english. And a translation isn't any good if you don't have the rom to attach it to. Though, we could all be sitting around with print outs of typed text translated by someone in a simple text document while playing the game in the official cart on a tv in whatever language it came in only and occasionally looking at the sheet of paper with the other language the dialogue is supposed to translate to. Though that is probably what I would have done long ago before internet, like I used to do when making game maps on graph paper. Actually it would probably work better than way, but I'm too spoiled now. I would like Crystalis and Willow translated to french. Last time I played Crystalis for the NES, earlier this year I typed down all of the game dialogue and started trying to translate, but well, I got a short attention span that after a little bit jumps from one thing to another and things never get completed, used to not be that way, but years go on I get more scatterbrained.

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14 minutes ago, SoleGoose said:

I didn't realize that the first entry was for the GBA. One more to put on the list!

I'm 99% sure the DS version we got localized is the GBA version Japan got. I remember buying the GBA one, playing like 30 minutes of it and being like wait a minute this looks the same

Edit: NVM. Looks like they're different. They sure seemed like the same game. Guess I'll have to go back and play that one too.

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Put me down for Last Armageddon on PC Engine as well.  Something about playing as a bunch of monsters appeals to me.  The Elfaria games and Lady Stalker need translating too.  Maybe someday Gideon Zhi will run out of Super Robot Wars games and he'll finish Lady Stalker and GD Leen.  On a positive note, all the YS games have finally been translated.

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