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CIB NES games: Wolverine, Beetlejuice, Qix, etc.


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 http://imgur.com/gallery/0gTI64U <-- here be the NES games

http://imgur.com/gallery/vHMBuMa<-- here be the misc. goodies

Will consider reasonable offers, especially on more damaged items or bundles.

All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Shipping would be around $25 CAD (20 USD) at buyer's expense, depending on size of item. 


NES golf tournament $30

Wolverine $150

Qix $100

Back to the Future 2 $60

Gremlins 2 $130

Beetlejuice $110

Battle of Olympus $50


Selling only as a lot $70: King of the Monsters, Zoop, Shaq-fu, Rocko's Modern Life, Wing Commander 


Gameshark $100

Misc. manuals: 

Ocarina of Time manual very good $15
Majora's mask manual mint $50

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Sold Mega Man and Lost Vikings
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  • The title was changed to CIB NES games: Wolverine, Beetlejuice, Qix, etc.

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