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FS ~ Nes test station (SOLD)

Nes Freak

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This nes test station has been thoroughly tested  and professionally cleaned, recapped and restored by me.  ive had many years of electronic work under my belt and used a hakko de soldering gun to do the job right.  the capacitors are all high quality Japanese capacitors  by companies like Nichicon, Panasonic, Rubycon and more.  it has been clean of all dust and dirt to a shine and is in outstanding condition!


Recapping one of these is no walk in the park and to my knowledge this is the only test station to get a full recap job, future proofing it.  electrolyte capacitors have a limited life span of 30 years give or take.  



the TV comes with the unit and is original to this machine.  it had some capacitors  and buttons replaced dust cleaned out and works great!  the tv tube does have burn in  from the TV being left on 8 to 10 hours a day for years in the repair center.  this is normal.  ive never seen a test station with its tv that doesn't have some burn in.  it all depends on how the repair centers treated their units.


5499  via paypal.  shipping is with full insurance signature requirement and professionally packed   please send me your address so i can find out the cost to ship to you!


i can do local pick up too!

PM me if interested!  i can answer any question you may have 😛



From a smoke free home!











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6 hours ago, Nes Freak said:

tell me about it.  if this tv had a model number id track down another one with out burn in.  strangely enough there is no model number on this tv

It's not worth doing a tube swap for a tube with a little burn in my opinion, especially for a collector's piece like this in which it will probably never be used for real work again. I also feel it's a disservice to remove part of its history.


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btw i further check the tv  the volume down button wasnt working even after using contact cleaner on it so i  ordered a new button and replaced it  and its working like new again :P  a new triple shielded coaxel cable is included thats the right size for the unit and  i clean the tv of the 30 years of dust and oiled the pots on the back.


just thought id let any one thats possibly interested in this interested know.

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