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Anyone know what's the deal with this Rated M sticker on this copy of Serious Sam II?


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I can't find another example of this. This game isn't sealed, so I assume the red, Rated M sticker was applied at the factory.

I can't find another example of this game with this sticker. Is this a variant or was it slapped on at a game store that wanted to make it obvious that this was an "adult" game?


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Other games without the sticker have it as mature. Is it attached to the box itself or is your copy new and it’s attached to the plastic?

edit: rental store sticker?



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This reminded me of Night Trap for Sega CD that initially didn't have any age rating and after that ESRB sticker was stuck to the box, it was PG-13 or M, I don't remember. At this moment I can't find any picture on the web but I swear I have a boxed copy with that extra sticker at my old house...

Here we go:


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Someone on here found this eBay item and scooped it out from under me! Oh well, no big loss.

Regardless, when it arrives, please post an update if there happens to be a T rating or something under it.

I was thinking about this last night, and maybe this was a display box shipped to a game store. The rating might have changed before release and they put a sticker on it to reflect that.  The eBay sale only had the disc and no manual and the disc was Rated M.

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