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Astor Reinhardt on NA, Astor Reinhardt here. Pretty easy...I just use that same username everywhere I can lol.

Looking forward to seeing how this site turns out, bit excited...bit sad to see NA dying but life goes on. A new chapter begins right?

Maybe this'll make me start playing the games I collect and not just collect them? I do have a NES hooked up to a small table top CRT right next to me so NES games are actually pretty easy to play. As I mentioned in someone else's welcome thread, NES games are hard and kick my ass...anyone got any easy ones to get me started on to get used to playing NES games again?

Bringing over my info from NA since everyone else is doing it!

Astor Reinhardt

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30 minutes ago, ICrappedMyPants said:

Hey, recognize the icon, love FMA!

I’ll definitely be interested in the list you get in this thread. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about NES games.

I hate that anime. My avi is actually an original character I made for Fallout 3. The blue and yellow collar you see is the vault suit under a white lab coat. Everyone thinks it's that guy from that anime and I mean there is a resemblance but not enough IMO. I curse the artist who drew my character like this...

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