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First release new Nintendo switch

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$300 why?  They never lowered the price, and the original ones aren't any more or less special.

If anything they're worse because the cheap plastic shell that sit in is a hold over from the nvidia shield tablet and it's utter shit when coming into contact with prolonged heat over time and general stress points too.  It has the problems the shield had where you get cracking(hairline that slowly grows) off the corners, but worse cracking if not total separation of the plastic fins in the area of the hot air vent from the fan.  Over time the heat causes the plastic as it's so thin to rot, get brittle, and just split.  I've never thrown, smashed, etc the thing in any way in those spaces and mine has got it all.  It got annoying enough feeling the issue on the heat vent I removed the pieces so it's just a smoother open oval.

I'm awaiting a Switch Pro for this year, and I'll just step up and sell the damn thing off at a reduced price once I can transfer the entire thing over completely.  Someone who wants to bother can re-shell the thing in whatever color they want.

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<$300.  Not much reason to seek out a day 1 model over the revision with better battery life.  The OG model does have a better kickstand if anyone cares.

Having a lower firmware might be better for modders.

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