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Gamerscore Milestones?


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Has anyone ever tried to get their Xbox 360 gamerscore (or similar) to a certain exact number? I just finished having some fun with this, landing on 20,000. Nothing fancy I know, but points come slower when you play mostly cheap XBLA games.

I decided to do it in style, by going for a hard achievement that I had been putting off: Beating all of the challenge rooms in Bionic Commando Rearmed (achievement aptly named "A Real Challenge")

The game features 56 optional rooms full of spikes and traps to swing through with your bionic arm.  Most of these were fun, but I think some of them were made just to frustrate people.  For example, one challenge is called The Perfect Swing, where the entire room is just one extremely difficult grapple that took me almost a hundred tries to get right.

Naturally, the toughest room was saved for last.  Challenge #56 is called Final Exam.  It's a gigantic maze that forces you to utilize every possible trick swing in complicated ways, all under a strict time limit.  The paltry 90 seconds forces you to be extremely efficient, almost to the level of a speed runner.  I barely had any time left on the clock when I finally broke through.  466 attempts later, I became only the 978th Xbox user to clear this thing.  20G seems a bit low all things considered, but still, my kind of challenge! 🙂

Anyway, just thought it would be fun to share.  Would love to hear other people's achievement stories!



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7 hours ago, rdrunner said:

Agreed!  While I still really love the original, this remake was extremely well done.

The remake actually got me to go back and play through the original. I had only rented it once as a kid and I didn't get very far since it took most of the time I had to get used to the controls.

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I was playing Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on Switch recently, and decided to complete one of Mega Man 7's Challenges. I beat the Stage Remix 1 Challenge in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and placed 12th (out of 200 players) on the Leaderboard:


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For a short time in my life, I was obsessed with getting 100% achievements on every game I played. It was fun for a little while and I really enjoyed completing ridiculously hard challenges, but eventually it got old and I went back to playing purely for fun. Nowadays, I don't even look at achievement lists. I'm perfectly satisfied to finish a game with 10 points or 1000 points. On extremely rare occasions when I absolutely adore a game, I'll look to the achievement list to find more fun stuff to do.

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