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A little excited, can't even wait to receive these to ask for opinions. 

The marquee was $50 and the figure was $142





Edit: Oh yeah, the head comes off and fits in thr figures hand.

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2 hours ago, Sumez said:

NOS marquee, that's crazy cool!! And surprisingly cheap.

Do you have the game to go with it? 😄

Ofcourse. I'm telling you, I am going to buy a Switch just to play Resurrection next month.

Edit: the game as in the cab - one can dream.

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14 hours ago, Californication said:

It won't be making it to a cabinet. Will probably frame. Would really like a few more piece - especially a standee to design a space. It's my favorite series.

I have a safe suggestion.  Find or make a black shadowbox to hold the marquee, and behind it, find yourself a couple flat (SNK Neo Geo like) EL-panel LED flat sheet panel lights and wire it to a battery box or a wall outlet.  No reason not to let it shine if you can't throw it in a cabinet.

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Beautiful marquee!  I am definitely envious, as a dedicated G'N'G cab is one of the few arcade games left on my want list.

When I was restoring my Zoo Keeper cab, I found a NOS ZK marquee on eBay, just like the G'N'G one you found, and it really makes the rest of the machine pop when it's turned on.  So yeah, definitely find a way to light that sucker up if it's not going on a cab...

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