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Salvation Army Find


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On 11/2/2019 at 11:38 AM, skinnygrinny said:

Mega tank! Hey buddy 


I went to a Goodwill last week for the sake of going. I found a nice Pepsi cup. Looks to be around the 90's. Goomba definitely lucked out with this find. It's actually very uncommon to see a lot like that in any thrift store these days.

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I'm stilling hoping that Salvation gets in more good stuff. They did get a giant pile of Nintendo Power and Strategy guides in. Last saturday went back with a friend of mine saw the pile in the glass case priced at $7.99 each i'm like uhhh. I was going to pass but he suggested looking through them and when I saw a certain guide it was the caught slipping moment for me. To boot the employee there gave us a nice discount since we bought a bunch. First picture those 5 guides cost me $8, and the second pic the other were $8 total when i went back this past monday. I'll have to update the post with my friends guide purchase from saturday.



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