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Ori and the... series thoughts?


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Has anyone played the Ori series extensively? Any thoughts on it? I've heard some great things but you folks here are my litmus test for quality. Considering picking up the Collector's Edition cuz it looks gorgeous but I want to be sure if I can that it'll be a series I can really get into.

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I've only played the first and I did enjoy my time with it. I unfortunately hit some kind of snag about halfway in where I was somehow stuck in a section of the map that no available path would let me leave. I don't know if it was some kind of bug in the game or if I somehow got to a section before I was supposed to be able to. I made multiple attempts to come back to the game and figure out how to progress forward, scoured every inch of the map to make sure I wasn't overlooking some kind of hidden route. I couldn't figure it out. So, if I was going to continue playing, I was going to have to restart from the very beginning. I may go back and do that eventually but that experience kind of made me put the game away for a while.

Other than that annoyance, I think the game is well designed and entertaining if you like Metroid-style games in general.

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They are both superb and the sequel is easily one of the best games of the generation. I played on Xbox One X, but have heard performance on the Switch is excellent. I will probably replay on Series X with 120FPS when I get a new TV.

Since it has become one of my favorite series, I pre-ordered the box set as well. I doubt I'll open it so I won't be able to give you much of an appraisal on that, but I'm sure some aspiring YouTuber will take care of the unboxing.


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I'm still playing the first one. It's amazing and has some beautiful large set piece action sequences. I'm stuck on one right now and took a break but need to get back to it.  Some of those moments are like a cross between puzzle platformer and vertical shooter while the landscape is being destroyed around you.  It's pretty cool. 

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