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Did I find a Mountain Bike Rally Prototype?


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So I was surfing ebay the other day and this MBR caught my eye.  I thought it looked different.  The label was a little different from a normal one.  Wasn't sure what I was looking at. I couldn't find any other examples like it so I went with my gut and bought it.  Just came today and I noticed it was really heavy.  So I opened it up.  I don't have a regular copy of this game to compare but i've seen prototypes and owned one in the past.  Can someone confirm what exactly I have here?  The stickers over the windows say MBR Ver. 4








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It's possible its a proto, but my impression is no. Looks like a retail label, and for a game like this with relatively low distribution this kind of thing can happen. 

It could be a bugfix version though, or just hand assembled to replace someone's faulty cart. I would get it dumped and compared to known roms.

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thats cool to see someone else with one! yeah its a weird situation.  the label really throws it off.  I see a seller on ebay listing a bunch of "prototypes/sample" that have identical boards.   I dont know much about the bike itself, were there maybe store displays to show it off and maybe this cart was used for the store display?

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