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  1. thats cool to see someone else with one! yeah its a weird situation. the label really throws it off. I see a seller on ebay listing a bunch of "prototypes/sample" that have identical boards. I dont know much about the bike itself, were there maybe store displays to show it off and maybe this cart was used for the store display?
  2. i thought if anything maybe a very late proto. given that it says Ver. 4. and the label doesnt have the code on it either. But i dunno
  3. are you referring to the SNS-USA/CAN-1 on the back label? or am i missing it somewhere on the board?
  4. So I was surfing ebay the other day and this MBR caught my eye. I thought it looked different. The label was a little different from a normal one. Wasn't sure what I was looking at. I couldn't find any other examples like it so I went with my gut and bought it. Just came today and I noticed it was really heavy. So I opened it up. I don't have a regular copy of this game to compare but i've seen prototypes and owned one in the past. Can someone confirm what exactly I have here? The stickers over the windows say MBR Ver. 4
  5. Looking for Bust a Move 99 for N64 CIB or Box only. Box must be in good condition
  6. Looking for an original Earthbound big box. Doesnt have to be perfect but still nice with no major damage. Preferably with inner tray. Willing to buy or trade. Price will depend on condition.
  7. Wondering around what this would go for. I have a few people interested in my Mike Tyson's Punchout CIB Wata 9.0. But i have no idea how to price graded CIB games. White oval seal. Box 9.2 Cart 9.4 Manual 7.5 GSI: Tyson Letter 9.6
  8. my first CIB Wata submission finally came back
  9. I made it! happy to see this happening. I was mostly a luker over... there... these days. but was very sad to see what happened to it.
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