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A new Events team member appears...


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Administrator · Posted

It is with a happy heart that today I announce publicly (you may have already noticed...) that our good pal @Jeevan is now donning the badge of an official my god can I stretch this sentence out any further... Events team staffer. Heavens.

Jeevan has shown a consistent positive outlook and has participated in a number of events, always happy to try something new.

We've successfully roped him into taking that passion and turning it into new events for the site. We're hoping to squeeze some interesting stuff out of him similar to the recent Bingo event, as well as maybe bring some formality to stuff like Werewolf and Survivor, etc..

So please give him a nice little round of circles and show him some GODDAMN RESPECT cuz now he has AUTHORITY and no pressure but he's basically gonna have to single-handedly keep this place together from here on out cuz if someone doesn't stop me writing ridiculously long run-on sentences sometime soon we're all gonna go crazy and that can't be what happens to this place I love it here please send help.

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Events Helper · Posted

Well, working on a few things, might be slow going for a bit while i get my bearings, but I seem to be an advocate of n64 🤣 to drop a hint, and of course, being sole survivor has an added benefit of being able to choose to abstain from the next one because i already have the title.........


Hopefully @KokiriChild and i can flesh some things out and be ready by the first of the year, no promises on either end for timing, but we are working on it.  @NESfiend @Sumez be on the look out for that, i will pm you personally too lol.  Also, in the works of thinking up a werewolf game for all the werewolf fans, could be a shit show, or the greatest thing ever.  Probably the first one 😉.  

All in all, I hope to be helpful and get this place a little more active!  Bear with me, again, with timing for now, but I am working on stuff.

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A fine choice, Gloves. Will make the site better without a doubt.And Im not afraid to admit that I too struggle with very long sentences. And it is a nightmare day in and day out. Every text, email, work doc, etc has to be combed through 23 times before sending and they still come out too long. If your problem stems from the same places as mine, you may need therapy. 

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Events Helper · Posted
1 minute ago, Murray said:

@Jeevanhow rare is a Lynx point Siamese cat?

@JeevanWhat's the best recipe for carne asada?

Oh and grats bud!

@Murray 😒



Ask Jeeves Google Links

Thanks for the grats 🙂 Hopefully i can get u involved in a few things 😛 U and @Richardhead and the rest of you all colorado bois!

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