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Are these factory sealed or resealed?


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I was at my local game store a few days ago and they had a few Nintendo games that they said were factory sealed. I bought them before any one else could pick them up and they reassured me that they didn't seal the games and that they were in fact factory sealed.

After I got home I started to do some investigating and I'm starting to think these have been resealed. I paid quite a lot of my for these games, at least for my budget, and I wanted to get anyone's advice on whether or not these look legitimate or resealed.

I had a hard time finding any information on actual sealed copies of these games online.

Games in question are Talespin and the Uncanny X-Men











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Hate to say it, but they look resealed. Not seeing an H-Seam on either of them. 

I would definitely return them, if they sold them as sealed, that is pretty terrible. Any game store should be knowledgable on this stuff if they are going to sell it. Or at least "Should" be. 

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for your input, it was really helpful. I went back to the game store later today and told them that I believe these games were resealed. I gave them multiple reasons as to why and they completely agreed with me.

I go there often so they know me well.

They offered to refund my money or give me store credit.

I also taught them what to look for in the future so they don't get scammed again and found another game that was a reseal on their sales floor and pointed it out to them.

I asked them if they planned on opening the games and they said yes. I told them to make sure they do their own research before they do so, as I don't want to tarnish my reputation with with in any way.

They said they would let me know what they find in the box when they open the game. We all started joking saying, "I bet there's like Sega game stuck in there rather than the real game."

All in all, everything worked out and you all helped me plead my case with good great examples.

Thanks so much for all of you that took the time to help me with this.

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