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Hey all, I apologize if this was already asked (I didn't see it posted anywhere)

Can we bookmark threads for easy access ?

I know there is a "Follow" thingy you can do for threads. Is that instead of a bookmark? 

Great job on the site, it looks really wonderful! Please consider perhaps adding a Bookmark tab for easy access later, and again, I appreciate everything people are doing!


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On 10/25/2019 at 12:02 PM, Bubbapauls said:

I loved me some bookmarks usually for easy access to @acidjaguar Nintendo power list and @NintendoTwizer GameCube variants list.  

There was also the game store by each state list and the 5 screw 3 screw NES cartridge list but I can’t remember who started those.

I'm glad you used my variants list.  I plan on porting that over here.  Maybe sometime in the next week I can do that.  I also have a Gamecube Player's Choice list that could be helpful.  

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