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Is shopgoodwill.com legit ?


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I mean, is it really legal or do they have people working for them bidding to make the items expensive?
I see that many prices do not match, and I see very useless to pay 30 or 40 dollars more than what is being sold on ebay....
For example
Data east arcade for wii
In shop goodwill sold for 76 + 9.99 of shipping and handling (yes, shipments are expensive for 90% of the listed items)
In ebay 
There are many more even in cheaper price
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17 minutes ago, Edgarmcfly said:

I mean, is it really legal or do they have people working for them bidding to make the items expensive?

If there is shill bidding, yes, it's illegal, but good luck proving it.

If not, it's not shopgoodwill's fault people are bidding it up when they can get it cheaper elsewhere.

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A lot depends on what the item is.  I have gotten some pretty pretty amazing collectibles there for not that much money.  Videogame  stuff never - in fact the prices there seem to often be higher than ebay.  

One thing about shopgoodwill is that they ofen do not describe things very well - so if you know enough about what you are looking at you can get some deals.   I once got a large  of chess sets that included one really rare set that is worth somewhere north of $600 - I was able to identify from a not very detailed picture where I could only see a not very clear shot of a couple  of the pawns. Plus another couple of the sets were worth about $100 each.  Atypical but I have gotten a few similar bargains there..  

I don't think there is much shill bidding - the incentive  is just not there like there it would be with private sellers.   I think you do have some  people who are over eager to get some things - especially video games. 

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I still haven't figured out the typical video games at Good will shopper. I never go to my Goodwill anymore. They always charge more than eBay when they have them, and even though I leave in a huff because I found a normally $20 PS2 title marked for $25, that's stuff always disappeared within a week or two. Someone must be buying at these stupid marked up prices.

Goodwill is dead to me. I can still get good deals at the local game shops and Salvation Army. Everything there is $3.

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