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Super Mario Bros. 2 1989 wall clock (variant)

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Hey guys I just posted this to the old site and figured I'd post this here as well. A week ago I ran across this wall clock at the local thrift store. Thing is, is have run across several different versions of the round wall clock, but not even so much as a photo or any sort of info can be found on this. In short I just want to know if this is something that is rare, or if I'm just not looking in the right places for this. I'll have a link to this posted in my instagram below. Thank you so much for checking this out.


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1 hour ago, Kamakaze_ekun said:

Actually my friend just found a Zelda one like this in an old Nintendo catalog. 

Since I just dug up such a catalog, I may as well post it even though you already have the info. I could swear I’ve seen the Mario clock, but can only find the Zelda clock.

Nintendo Gear & Stuff, 20pp. No date mark, but seems to be from ‘89.





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