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There's a Red House over yonder...

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Hey all! It's been awhile. I came to poke around NA after seeing the big smb auction and saw the place had been dismantled. While I hadn't logged in for quite some time, I really had love for that place. Its a damn shame to see all that hard work and comradery tossed into the abyss but that's the f---kin way she goes sometime I guess...

For those of you that may remember me, I'm not huge into collecting nes these days. I've sold much of my collection long ago, but still have maybe 60 or so of my favorites as well as my childhood nes that my grandparents bought me. Thats good enough for me these days, although I'm sure if something worthy were waved in front of me I'd likely have a relapse of sorts. Did anybody ever make a Carlton 6 in 1 cart? 😄 I'd be in for one of those!

I still do game. Actually probably more than I did back when I was more interested in looking at giant stacks of plastic. Im pretty into virtual pinball (VPX) these days and am in the process building my Aqua Teen Hunger Force themed virtual pincab into quite the crazy setup. I also run my HTC Vive pro off the cab. 3dsen VR anybody?! How freaking sick it that right? Im not sure how much people stray into stuff like that here but if there's interest I may share my progress and perhaps it will inspire somebody to build one themselves. 

As I said, its been awhile but I see plenty of familiar faces. I figure it might be nice to put on an old hat and catch up with some people. Because if NA don't love me no more...... I know her sister will. 😉

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