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Do you Deja Vu? (Or The voodoo that you do so well!)


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What are the 5 games you have played through to completion the most often?   

Mine are:

1. Dark Wizard
2. Brigandine
3. Nectaris
4. Shining Force II
5. Either Advance Wars 1 or 2

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I like the question.

  1. Contra
  2. Journey To Silius
  3. Final Fantasy IV (different versions) 
  4. Illusion Of Gaia
  5. Chrono Trigger

Honorable mention: Robotrek

These are the games that come to my mind. Maybe there's a couples of titles on the NES that I've beat a couple more times as I discovered them as a kid like maybe Double Dragon II with my cousins, SMB3 or Mega Man 2 because we had only a few games to abuse, but I decided to answer the question with games that I consciously wanted to play all over again. I usually don't play twice RPGs even thought I LOVE THE GENRE so that makes choices 3,4,5 more significative for me. In the last 2 years, I played and completed Journey to Silius 3x on the top on the couple of times as a teen and for Contra, I beat it since the '90 with 1 or 2 Players and I lost count. I decided to stop playing it until I play more of Super C and other games of course... Next time I want to beat it 2 Players with a girlfriend ! 😀 Never had a gamer girlfriend, thought.

I know it's more that you ask for, but you gonna get use to it because that's my style. 😎

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Member · Posted

Guessing a bit but...

Wing Commander (DOS)


Super Dodgeball

Final Fantasy II(SNES, and variations pre-DS foul up)

Super Mario Land


I'm really not sure entirely, probably these.  WC1 I've replayed so many times it used to be second nature.  SMB3 with so much to change up I finished a bunch.  Super Dodgeball on the NES was my go to relax and work out frustrations game I could end in 20min~ on max difficulty with ease.  FF2 I know I've taken down at least a dozen times 7-8 snes alone.  SML I beat the day I got it, and just kept re-finishing it over and over again, more so in the earlier years but I still do it these days too since it doesn't take much time.

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Graphics Team · Posted

These are probably the 5 games I've finished the most frequently:

1) Abadox [NES] (always with a turbo controller - maybe one day I'll beat it legit)

2) Yoshi's Island [GBA]

3) Bubble Bobble [GB]

4) Darkwing Duck [NES]

5) Felix the Cat [NES]


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