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N64 back label authentic - Goldeneye N64 NTSC


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I am fairly new to this collecting thing and have already ran into some fakes and lucky gotten by money back so far but I can't tell whether this is fake or not. Just wondering whether this label is a give away that it is fake or not. The top label is one I have never seen before is for Goldeneye, the bottom looks legit to me which is for 1080. The signs that worry me is the patent and copyright information is unfamiliar, the font is not as bond, the accent on 'A' in the french is a different way to all other copies that I have seen and the label doesn't appear to be centred. This could be because it is an early release Goldeneye? But i am really unsure and would appreciate if I could get some help.

93489323_1005350273195191_2980334053586108416_n.thumb.jpg.8ff61f60d17a391b579807123c89f895.jpg      93572465_868685113646222_4101829535891193856_n.thumb.jpg.606bb58f7d0f4216fffdd4330abe9ad3.jpg

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48 minutes ago, Sign Collector Guy said:

I have never really scrutinized one of the most common N64 games ever made. From looking at this one I would never give it a second thought. 100% Legit IMO. 

I'm both in the same boat, and a I agree.  For some reason, fakers can't seem to get the word "Nintendo" correct on many repros.  That last "o" is usually two wide or something else is off with it as part of the logo and to me label sticker looks legit. 

Also, notice the "00" pressed into the sticker.  N64 games, IIRC, have this marking on the sticker pressed into it in one of two ways.  There's this type where they've stamped it by pressing into it with an impress tool, and there's another one that looks like they almost bleached it into the sticker.  Anyway, another detail counterfeiters have a tough time with is properly pressing those digits into these labels.  Those digits look like they are shaped as they should be and the way there's a slight-bulging curve round the digits in image #2 also looks legit.  Those are some of the finer details that I've found that counterfeiters just can't get perfect.  Perfection is in the imperfections.

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22 hours ago, ALTQQ said:

I dont think anyone is bootlegging goldeneye theres no money to be made there.

Actually, there are bootlegs of it out there, as little sense as that might make.  I've not personally laid eyes on one, but I know I've seen one or two pass through the hands of some YouTubers (and want to say that John Riggs was one).  You wouldn't think it would be pricey enough for them to clone it, but I guess if your production costs are a few dollars and you can sell it for 50% of the going rate and still make a killing, why not?

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