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anybody else remember "operation neptune" and "treasure mountain"?

docile tapeworm

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Dude thanks, I couldn't remember the name.  Yes Operation Neptune.  I had that back in the day, was a bit on the easy side but it was still fun to move the sub around, do the work and blast things.  But for me, my time, my game, it was Ancient Empires.

I still believe this to be their educational game.  They handled the learning almost as seriously yet not just like the original Sid Meier's Civilization did.  When you hit the end of a stage in this game you had like a puzzle of sorts or would get some artifact if i remember correctly and then it would tell you the HISTORY of it.  Just like Civ did when you mastered a new discovery and the greek philosopher dude would show up and it would say like ALPHABET and then give you the dates, who, what when where why and how.  Basically this was like a 2D kids version of Tomb Raider before that existed.  It had the usual platforms, grabbing on to go up or down, ropes, various elevations, picking up 'tomb' like stuff in the spaces you were raiding.  It's actually a pretty playable little game if you want something light, and the puzzles are no worse with switches than the usually easy stuff from old 2D apogee games of the era.


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