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  1. The way I've hear it explained is that even with a home made mask it will still filter out some of the virus particles so that if you do get it you won't get as high a dose and your immune system will have a better chance of fighting it off. I don't know how true that is but it sounds like it should be right. They say in countries like Japan and Korea where wearing masks has been normalized for years there are way less people getting sick. Also the big thing they keep saying is not to touch your face so if nothing else having a mask on will remind you not to do that.
  2. All I can think about are Governor Cuomo's nipple piercings showing through his shirt at that press conference the other day. Yikes!
  3. That's if you believe the left vs right political tv show is real and not just a professional wrestling style facade where the outcomes are fixed and they all work for the same company.
  4. Welcome. I kinda like the Legend of Luigi title.
  5. Had a dream last night that I started playing Fallout 2. A few minutes in I realized it was still lent and I had blown all my progress. Woke up in a panic and realized it was all okay. I would really like to play video games right now.
  6. Hey Ya'll, finally going through the process of organizing my collection neatly in one place on shelves instead of haphazardly scattered around my house in storage bins of various sizes. Anyway I've been streaming the process on twitch and posting the streams to youtube if you're into watching that kind of thing. I'll add more pics and whatnot to this thread as we get more organized over here.
  7. I doubt anyone would want to play SNES Doom over the original but it is cool just for the fact that you can play Doom on a SNES. It's interesting to go back and experience it the way kids in the 90s who didn't own a PC had to play it. And who can resist that awesome red cartridge. That's another full set I'd be interested in collecting, every console port of Doom. Man, I love Doom.
  8. Kinda reminds me of this game I played as a kid. These older ones look way more fun though. This game kinda sucked.
  9. I was never a set collector I always just bought games to play but a few years ago I decided to go for a full nes set just cuz I thought it would be cool. Still nowhere near that goal. I mostly just keep buying games for all different systems as I want to play them but I try to keep the nes goal in mind as something to keep working toward. Lately I've been interested in going for full sets for the Tiger Game.com, Virtual Boy, 32X, and N64 just because they fairly small libraries that seem easy enough to fully collect. I'm also interested in going for CIB nes blackbox and PS1 longbox sets.
  10. I got this CIB copy of Sewer Shark for Sega CD signed at a convention last year by actor Robert Costanzo who played Commissioner Stenchler in the game. It's easily the coolest item in my collection. Wonder if I should get it graded?
  11. I haven't bought a sealed Genesis game since the mid-90's but that hole does seem vaguely familiar.
  12. To me a Rare game means something like Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, stuff like that.
  13. Just got Chinese take out. Living on the edge.
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