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Ps3 Imports/Worthwhile English Friendly Games NA Didn't Get

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Hey Everyone, I was recently combing through a thread where someone showed off a copy of a Monkey Island Remastered collection (physical copy) for the 360/PS3  as a UK import. I had no idea a physical version of the remasters even existed... this kind of sparked my interest in what other games I may have missed on the PS3 that came out in a physical form or just didn't come out in NA. I've done some basic googling and Youtubeing and only really came across games I already knew existed... or am not interested in (Mostly Japanese games i can't play or read). I don't speak or read Japanese, and importing games I cannot understand doesn't appeal to me. I'm looking for games we didn't get here on the platform that came out over seas that are:

1) Playable in English, or require little to no Japanese to enjoy.

2) Decent Games; Games worth playing or having from a collector standpoint.

3) Physical games made from Digital only games we received but weren't released in physical form here.

4) Upgraded versions of games we did get with added content and are still in English


let me know what you guys got... I am seriously having difficulty finding any, maybe this one game was just a blind spot for me.



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I've always been sore we didn't get "Wipeout HD" here in NA.  It's PAL Only.  It made use of the same tracks in Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse which we did receive on the PSP.

One of the best series in my opinion, and the most intense racing experience out there.

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The Chinese version of Aquanaut's Holiday has an English option (but the Japanese version does not).  It's a peaceful game - maybe even boring for some - and it's not a must-play title by any means.  However from a "collector standpoint" I believe it is or was rather hard to find and valuable. 

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On 3/23/2020 at 9:52 AM, Gloves said:

Caladrius Blaze is a really fun shoot-em-up that was only released in Asia. Menus are in English (mostly) so it's easy to navigate.

That may be true for PS3, but it's worth mentioning that it did get a NA release on PS4 by LRG a couple of years ago.  Fun game, though I got stuck and haven't beaten it yet!

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