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St. Louis Man steals $71k in Rare Video Games


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Amazingly there is an update on the robbery at Trade-N-Games from last August.  There was a thread over at Nintendo Age for those who remember.  According to Jason, not everything has been accounted for, but this is good news at least.  




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I was at that game store a week or two ago and was told they had recovered some games just that day. I didn’t want to say anything here in case the owner was keeping it under wraps but now it’s out in the open.

Let’s just say the crooks behind it aren’t the criminal masterminds people speculated they were. They’re actual dumbasses.

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I mean, anyone who steals from another person is just a horrible person......I get that some people can be desperate dont get me wrong, but thievery is horrible.  My parents house was broken into when I was still living there and I lost a lot of stuff.  Pretty sad.  Don't get me wrong, people can be reformed, but wtf.  Why steal from someone who is just trying to make a living or can't afford to replace what they have.  I hate thieves.  Plus in the end you feel like you have been violated beyond your control.  I still to this day have someone stay at my house if I take a trip somewheres more than a day.  Usually my sister.

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More details from the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch:


Months after the burglary, a woman accompanied by a man tried to sell some of the games at video game stores across the St. Louis area, sheriff's officials said. At several stores, the games raised the suspicions of employees, who asked for IDs from the sellers. 

“All of these stores have really come in and stepped up for me and been very helpful getting as much evidence as they can against these people,” Brassard said.

Of the 115 games or so that were in the safe, Brassard has so far recovered only about 20 of them. Brassard said he doesn't have Air Raid, but he knows it was sold in Las Vegas. Officials said someone tried to sell other games in Colorado, and noted that Jackson is a transient.

Good of the retailers to step up like that. Hope he gets the rest of those games back.

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