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Hey Everyone!

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Hey everyone just wanted to drop in and say hello!  Just a little background on me, I am collector who likes all kinds of weird stuff.  As the name suggests I am into retro 8 & 16 bit computers not only from a gaming perspective but also a historic perspective.  I have a collection of computers ranging from the Commodore PET, Apple II, Macintosh models, Amiga (1000, 1200, 600 & cd32), Sharp X68000 & X1. Some other random machines in there too.  I like to program and tinker on them, as expected I have a massive repair pile that I promise I'll make it to one day (lol).


Some more stuff about me, I am a software engineer by trade and currently I am trying to learn enough assembly language for the 6502 so I can possibly write my own NES game.  I think programming to the specific hardware is very cool and the overall understanding of the architecture that went into game development back then is fascinating to me.

Other than that, I am really into RPGs from all eras though 16 & 32 bit would probably be my favorite eras! Also big into 3do and cdi because theyre so weird! I love weird stuff!

Glad to be here! PM me with any resources on making nes games! God I miss nerdy nights on Nintendo age!!!!!

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