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RC² Rally - Free ROM Download


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I've been watching the progress of this game on Twitter for a little while now, and he just released the free download today.

It's a top down racing game, but all of the levels are procedurally generated. It looks like a lot of fun, and definitely worth a download.

Here is the download page as well as a description of the game (in Japanese): https://goodtune.booth.pm/items/1715948

It's made by a nice guy by the name of Good Tune (ぐっちゅん). Here is his Twitter: https://twitter.com/good_tune

Not sure if he is planning on making cartridges available to purchase, but he definitely designed a box, manual and flashed his own cart.

9c3c56ea-dd28-49d3-a5f6-f3effded6398_base_resized.jpg c209ca6a-0a2f-47a9-bb3c-7290dce3e108_base_resized.jpg 733a3d95-2138-42ce-bb74-354b71e6ca64_base_resized.jpg 453a8b69-25c4-4c8a-aba2-a7348249e28d_base_resized.jpg

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18 hours ago, KHAN Games said:

Yeah, it's super impressive but not something I'd find myself playing without some sort of computer opponent. The music is awesome too. Would love to have something added during gameplay.

Yeah, that's exactly how I felt. Really cool work, but not quite enough going on in the gameplay to make me keep playing.

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I also agree that some simple In-game music would help, even a single channel playing a jingle would add something. 

Some sort of CPU challenge would help things along too. Even if only to serve as obstacles like in excitebike.. Just a thought. The presentation is terrific and the title music is great. Very nice work! I especially enjoy the cheerful mood of the music, it really fits the feel of the game. 

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