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10 year anniversary of Mario Kart 8!

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Wow! 10 years, eh? May 29th, 2014 on the Wii U!

Bought this game on release and played the hell out of it. Had a really decent group online for a while with lots of friends on almost every night. I liked that the game stayed close to the classic Mario Kart feel, had good tracks, solid item balance, and an awesome upbeat, jazzy soundtrack. The game changed after a few months and became really competitive once the 'fire-hopping' mechanic became well known. I have mixed feelings about it because it really added a massive skill gap in the game making high-level lobbies online crazy competitive but it pretty much broke single player and more casual play. 200cc was a nice mix-up but the battle mode was an obvious after-thought that turned out pretty poopy. 

It's nuts that it's been 10 years and really doesn't feel that long for a number of reasons; mainly, Maro Kart 8 Deluxe (2017) still being relevant as the latest console release in the series. I did pick Deluxe up after the booster pack was roughly half released, but the feeling didn't last with this version for me. It is likely the better game for a casual setting, but the chaos of the double item system with worse balance made races a lot more random and I just felt like I had already played the game to death, even with the new courses (I know a lot of people prefer the item chaos). The elimination of 'fire-hopping' also took some out of the game for me. I did like a lot of the newer courses in the booster pack (not so much the city courses) but it wasn't enough to get me back into it for a prolonged period compared to the original MK8.

I think this game is a great example of where the gap will continue to widen between main franchise releases with additional DLC added to the foundation of the main game. Hopefully there will be a new entry early on in the life-cycle of the Switch 2 that brings a fresh new feel to the franchise.

Top Picked Characters: Bowser, Mii

Favourite Original Tracks: Bowser's Castle and Cloud Top Cruise

Favourite Retro Tracks: DK Jungle and Grumble Volcano

Favourite DLC Tracks: Hyrule Circuit, Ribbon Road

Favourite Items: Horn, Trip Reds, Crazy 8






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Wow they’ve really milked this for 10 years. Good on them. It was a broken game on the Wii U but they fixed everything on the switch, and well if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Hopefully we get an MK9 on the Switch 2. Or would that be MK11? Are they counting mario kart tour and mario kart live home circuit?

MK DS and MK8 are probably my top 2, followed by double dash and then MK Wii. 

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Huh what do you know, mario kart tour, at least according to Wikipedia, is considered a main series game. And they differentiate mk 8 and mk8 deluxe. So the naming convention for the next one could be anywhere from mk9 to mk11. If they do 10 or 11, they’re going to have a lot of confused fans being like wait what were 9 and 10?


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Editorials Team · Posted

Our Switch profiles have like 100+ hours combined in it.  I was probably involved in like 20 of those hours, but for kids it's a pretty endless well of fun, especially with the ludicrous number of tracks.

The only thing that makes sense on Switch 2 is some kind of reboot.  Probably called "Super Mario Kart."

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I didn't play the Wii U version, but the Switch version was the game that I played the most from 2020-2023. I usually played it online, participating in regular online racing, battles, tournaments, and VGS Game Nights. I did just about everything there was to do offline, getting gold trophies on every cup in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. I think it was either last year or the year before that I also played on 200cc and managed to get two gold trophies in that.

I was happy that they included a proper Battle mode in the Switch version like in the previous games, and also brought back the double item boxes from Double Dash!!.

I downloaded the Booster Course Pass tracks, and it was nice to see some characters return that were missing from the game previously. And while I did like that the pass included more remakes of past tracks, I also appreciated the inclusion of some all-new tracks. 

I haven't played the game much in the last year, but it is still my most played Switch game as I've logged more than 500 hours into it.





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1 hour ago, Kguillemette said:

I put a ton of time on the Wii U version. Deluxe never caught on with me somehow. I rock Toadette all day long on MK8.

Yeah, maybe a bit more common for those that played a lot of the regular version. I do like Deluxe but felt the same where I never really got in to it nearly the same. I'll be curious to check my play time of each. MK Deluxe is probably around the 50 hr mark but I'd be more curious to see my MK8 play time which is likely 10x that.

We played 4 player deluxe a couple weeks ago at a party and it was really fun. The custom matches with items can really make the game feel different and obviously there's a ton of courses which is always welcome.

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I think Nintendo's work is a bit overlooked, when it comes to racing games. 

Back in the Nes era, they made Excitebike and Famicom grand Prix, then the F-Zero and Mario Kart Games. These games were not only fun, but also, innovative. 

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