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Can you help me verify that this Maniac Mansion chip is a fake?


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When it came in today, I questioned it because of how white the board is between the contact pins, so I just took it apart and have been looking thru different region releases on Bootgod, but the chip that is circled doesnt appear on any of their examples, so I need the pros to give their opinions please.


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Not fake. That is battery backed (I think) RAM chip, not ROM. The base part number even matches what is on bootgod.

LH5160 is low power 8k x 8 SRAM (6264 pinout equivalent) made by Sharp and discontinued many moons ago. Exact markings are gonna vary a little depending on when it was made and which factory made it, but it is definitely not new. Furthermore I see no signs of modification on the board itself.

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