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[ENDED] FA: Garbage! ~~The Worst Mystery Box Ever on VGS~~ Current High Bid: $25 ~~ Ends May 14, 2023 at 11:00 PM VGS Time


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Winning bid: $25 (Splain)

Anyone remember when I tried to auction off a box of garbage over at that other site?  And nobody went for it?  Wouldn't it be crazy if I tried to do it again?  Well, it has been over three years since that auction and I have over three years worth of accumulated garbage I don't want, so I'm going to give it another shot!

Once again, I am seeking an individual who wants to pay me for the privilege of throwing out garbage on my behalf.  Like last time, all the garbage is video game related (although a lot of it won't be games themselves).  Any game included may or may not work. 

Bidding for the worst mystery box on VGS* starts at $25 (a total ripoff).  Minimum bid increment is 25 cents.  If you hate having money, feel free to buy it now for $40 (an even bigger ripoff).  Shipping is included.  Payment will be by postal money order only (you didn't think I was going to make this easy, did you?).  Items WILL NOT be packed with care (it's garbage, why would I?).  Be forever left wondering if that disc was shattered in transit or if I sent it that way!  US buyers only.  I'm assuming that there are rules and regulations regarding shipping garbage across borders and I don't want any trouble.  Auction ends Sunday, May 14, 2023 at 11:00 PM VGS time.

NOTICE:  Some of you may have seen me trying to sell some garbage elsewhere on this site.  THIS IS NOT THE SAME GARBAGE!  This is completely different garbage.  That garbage and this garbage are totally unrelated.  PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE ALL THE GARBAGE I'M TRYING TO SELL.

Before you bid, please consider the following better ways to spend $25 to $40:

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Great game!  I spent many hours with it.

Cuphead - I haven't played it, but I've heard good things!  Certainly less thow-outable.

VGS Mascot Pins - Easier to accidentally throw out, harder to intentionally throw out.

Food - You need it to live.

Kickstarter - OK, if you spend your money here, you might get nothing in return, but that's better than being sent garbage, right?  Actually, you might be sent garbage anyway.**

Garbage Bags - Great for putting garbage in!  You'll need these if you're the winning bidder.

WARNING:  This is not a joke.  By bidding, you will actually be expected to pay and I will actually send you garbage.  

*No trolling please!  I don't want anyone coming in here trying to convince everyone that this can't be the worst mystery box on VGS.  I worked very hard to make sure there is nothing worthwhile in this box, so I don't want to hear how it could be worse!

**I've never played the game, just heard some things.  No hate mail please.

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But being semi-serious, yeah, no one is going to bid without an ounce of reality.  If this is a bunch of broken equipment that might be repairable, I might be down for a $25 bid.  If this is a bunch of trashed, stained paper then, eh… no. Scratched discs? Also not interested.

My point is if this is “trash” because you know you’ll never piece out and sell it cause it’s cheap and/or it’s broke and you just don’t want to deal with it, you might be able to find a buyer otherwise, yeah, this is just a joke post but it’s not going to help you clear out your junk.

I post all of that because I’m in a cheap/junk lot buying mood but I also need a bit of context/photos. I may be able to help, but eh, not with a vague joke post though.

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Editorials Team · Posted

YES I remember that old NA thread. I never knew what was in that box of garbage.

I shan't make THAT mistake twice.


And a promise of an absolutely abysmal processing time while I learn how to send a postal money order like some kind of cave person.

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  • The title was changed to [ENDED] FA: Garbage! ~~The Worst Mystery Box Ever on VGS~~ Current High Bid: $25 ~~ Ends May 14, 2023 at 11:00 PM VGS Time
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