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Sealed 64DD collection!


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Yo peeps, it's your pal @OptOut here with yet another AMAZING sealed collection to show off! 🤩

For your pleasure today I present my sealed 64DD games, which I have collected over the past year:



Due to the abysmal failure of the 64DD itself, only ten games ever made it to market, of which I own the 8 you see here pictured.

Indeed, these games aren't actually ALL that hard to come by, even sealed, because there is very little demand for them overall... I'd say the average cost of a sealed game on the system is around a hundred bucks, with maybe F-Zero X Expansion hovering around 200+ sealed.

HOWEVER. I mentioned 10 games were released, and presented only 8, right... Hmm.

Yes, unfortunately the final 2 games are BY FAR AND AWAY rarer and more expensive than the rest. Doshin the Giant expansion pack and 64DD Golf are the 2 games I am missing, and they are rare for a reason...

The above 8 games were released as a part of a subscription package. Basically, you bought the 64DD and an internet subscription, and they sent you a new game monthly. However, the final 2 games were sold at regular retail, which is why they are SO hard to find, they couldn't have printed many.


I doubt I will ever complete this collection, certainly not sealed, which is why I am just showing what I've got here now. I would honestly be happy to even have a LOOSE copy of either of the two games I'm missing, but even that is unlikely!

Oh well, I hope you like these anyway, I'm still happy with them! 😍


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1 hour ago, OptOut said:

Lol, I wish I could take the time for a proper vacation! The only reason I have so much cash to spend on useless shit is because I basically never stop working! 😵

Seriously, what's your day job, if you don't mind me asking?

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8 hours ago, RH said:

Seriously, what's your day job, if you don't mind me asking?

My wife and I run an English school! My responsibilities run all the way from hiring/firing, accounting, materials manager, teacher, all the way down to scrubbing toilets! 😅

1 hour ago, JamesRobot said:

When you gonna pop them cherries and open 'em up?

Actually, I have a couple spares of a few of these games that are open, a couple of them also come with additional accessories etc in little boxes.


Of course, even these are BASICALLY useless to me, seeing as I don't actually HAVE a 64DD to play em on, but hey... 😂

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