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Who Are Your Favorite American Dad Characters?


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Who's Your Fav?

Pick One For Each Category

Primary - Anyone Who Lives On The Reg. In The Smith House.

Secondary - A Frequently Recurring Character Outside Of The Immediate Smith Family

Tertiary - An Infrequently Recurring Character...

Single Serve - A Character Who Has Only Been Featured In One Episode

Dead - A Character Who Has Died On The Show

Roger Persona (Male) - Roger As Male Character

Roger Persona (Female) - Roger As Female Character


American Dad is almost 20 Seasons long now.  It was fun doing one of these for the Simpsons a while back so I figured I'd do the same for American Dad.  I went ahead and just made 2 photo montages (not required) since, for me there was no shortage of ties and honorable mentions...


Post favorites for as many as you can stand to pick.  If you need help with Roger Personas, here is a link to a partial list through season 17.  https://americandad.fandom.com/wiki/Roger#Alter_Egos.2FDisguises


Primary - Francine Smith      runner up - Stan Smith

Secondary - TIE - C.I.A. Deputy Director Avery Bullock & Principal Brian Lewis    (nearly impossible to pick one brand of crazy over the other here.)

Tertiary - TIE - Jack Smith & Gwen Ling    (The black sheep from each side of the family)

Single Serve - TUB   a.k.a.   Cee-lo Green

Dead - Steve-arino      runner up - Bad Larry

Roger Persona (Male) - [whispered] Ricky spanish       runner up - Reaganomics Lamborghini

Roger Persona (Female) - TIE - Laura Vanderbooben & Jeannie Gould



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Administrator · Posted
27 minutes ago, MrWunderful said:

Roger persona- Ricky something? Slicked back hair in a vest. A terrible person.

Ricky Spanish


I don't have answers for all of them, but Francine for my favorite inside the house, the goody two shoes guy (Sidney Huffman according to the googles) for favorite Roger persona, Toshi's sister for tertiary, and Marguerite for my favorite dead guy.

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