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HD Turbografx Systems


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27 minutes ago, avatar! said:

I got an email from Castlemania games with this alluring image


Looks like an HD Turbografx machine! I know that Analogue plans to release one sometime this year - is this system one that has already been released? Anyone know anything about it?

No CD support though?聽 I'd stick with the Analogue one that has CD and Supergrafx support.

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16 minutes ago, MrWunderful said:

Did you see an HDMI port on it?

No, I wish there was more info. I couldn't find anything except this screenshot, which I thought was strange. You would think there would be something somewhere, but I have yet to find anything! That said *if* they do release a system with HDMI, I'll purchase it! It looks super cute 馃檪

@TDIRunner the original is much larger, so it seems unlikely for it to be just a replacement case.

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10 minutes ago, avatar! said:

@TDIRunner the original is much larger, so it seems unlikely for it to be just a replacement case.

Doesn't look any bigger to me.聽聽

Unless you are specifically talking about the TG16, but this is clearly going for the appearance of the PC Engine.聽聽

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Because analogue some year will supposedly get one out?聽 I never got it either.聽 The SSD3 thing was broken out of the box, repeatedly, never did.聽 A Japanese guy did a digital flash kit that could go from DVI to HDMI but it was like $400-500 range I believe so that's a huge sticking point.聽 All you have now is analogue, the impossible to get pocket with its upcoming eventually adapter and their DUO of mystery.

Whenever they bother to pump out group B of the pocket my intent is to get another everdrive again and the adapter, since I got the dock I can do PCE stuff again in style.聽 I never was hugely in love with the optical stuff, so it's not loss to me as I enjoyed the cards.聽 And being analogue, if their weird OS they have out now isn't a cock blocker for jailbreaking, ISOs could be in the future potentially.

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6 hours ago, TDIRunner said:

Is it possible that we are just looking at a replacement/custom case for the original system?聽聽

This was my first thought. This looks just like the offerings from the company that made the DC replacement shells and - more recently - the SNES/SFC ones. That's a beautiful looking machine in that pic to be sure!

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