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A place to consolidate threads and such for anyone interested in participating in regularly scheduled chat revolving around cooking and baking.
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  2. METLOF I've never made meat loaf before. I've never liked it. I've only experienced my mother's rendition, and I did not like that. Very dry. It's not a dish I would typically serve, but for what it is, I like what I did. Juicy and flavorful. I used this recipe for the meat: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/219171/classic-meatloaf/ Many recipes I read said to top with ketchup or a ketchup-based glaze. I hate ketchup. I don't like vinegar, and I don't like sugar in any context of meat. So I looked up a ketchup recipe, and made my own, omitting vinegar and sugar ingredients. I used this recipe for the ketchup: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/232397/homemade-ketchup/ Here it is, fresh from the pan and seved on a plate. Overall I think I made a good meat loaf.
  3. Got my ingredients today and cooking this weekend! Who else is making meat loaf?? I've never made this before!
  4. Yeah, I had my doubts but it worked just as well as egg in that regard, maybe even a bit better. I baked 'em at 425˚. Whenever I get around to trying the mayo-method again I'll try it at 450˚ for comparison.
  5. @Link Well, I didn't think I'd get to this right away, but I got in the mood to take some time making and eating chicken strips tonight so I went ahead and tried the "Mayo-Method." It took a little longer to do than simply using egg, but I'm not sorry I made the effort. I remember noticing that beer-battered fish has this incredible texture between the breading and the fish where each of those two things are melding into one, and I got a somewhat similar sort of effect albeit to a lesser extent by using the mayo in place of egg. also the Breadcrumbs were a little more as though it had been deep-fried due to the oil in the mayo. All in all pretty darn delicious. I used a combo of Panko, Cornflake and Graham Cracker Crumbs. And I whipped up a bowl of "Comeback Sauce" for dipping. I think I like the idea of people coming back to the older cooking club threads at any future point whenever it is that they've got something that fits to show off...
  6. Oh, you're right. I'm remembering now the mayo coating I used on my first grilled cheese produced a lot of oil in the pan.. not sure why I was thinking that would work with frying, but I'll probably try that recipe and bake it...
  7. Here's the first such recipe I read https://www.theseasonedmom.com/cornflake-chicken/ I was just looking for how to do a corn flake coating and found that. It goes by baking. lmk if you try frying with a mayo-based coat! I would keep testing except I really can't eat this stuff very often Mayo doesn't become solid when it cooks like egg does.
  8. @Link I'm pretty casual about this, just using whatever I happen to have on hand as far as bread crumbs/coating goes. I gave up frying pretty quick and always bake, but the mayo thing sounds like it would work really good for frying...
  9. Well, I couldn't make it to the store today, so instead of this month's meat loaf, I had another go at fried chicken. I wanted to try a few things. @BlackVega sorry for too many pictures and words but I'm experimenting and documenting, man. Also, where've you been? Haven't seen you in here in a while dude! I tried 3 different things. Mainly I wanted to crunch up the cereal smaller. After dumping it out I found that squeezing and mashing the bag wasn't very effective. I started crumbling between my fingers, which was slow. Then I realized a mortar & pestle would be great for this, and got most of it to a fine powder. I had been doing some reading and heard about using mayonnaise to stick the coating. That seemed interesting. Ultimately, i wanted to try 3 different things: - Corn flakes coating (I used Special K) with mayonnaise, baked - Egg / flour / breadcrumb coating, deep fried. (normal style fried chicken) I forgot what the 3rd thing was so I just recombined my options and went with - Egg / corn flakes + breadcrumb coating, baked It's a good thing I forgot. The mayo is tasty and unusual for fried chicken (which is funny because it's eggs and oil), but it makes a terrible coating that comes right off on any surface, like a baking sheet or a prep board. I did not expect this, but it's no surprise. Who the hell came up with this? The traditional version was hell in a home kitchen. I could not get the oil temperature to stay consistent at all. It was constantly fluctuating and I wasted a lot of time trying to keep it steady. The slightest adjustment on the stove burner would send it too far in the other direction, no matter how careful I was. I applied all coatings two or three times. The third version was the best! Both egg-based coatings worked way better than I expected. The deep fry was quite overdone and I would not do this again without a dedicated fryer with digital temp control. (I used to have one that I got at the thrift store, but it conked out on me after the third use. I was learning how to make good crispy fries from scratch at the time. If I still had it I would have done some fries for this thread.) Somehow, all of the recipes I read in researching this were far too long on the time. I went shorter than recommended, and when I checked the internal temp they were all well over the proper 165°. Amazingly, the meat (breast!) was not dried out. Only other issue was I would definitely brine the meat if I do this again. The best coating tasted good but all of them needed some salt in the flesh. I actually took I took way less pics than I thought. I could swear I took more in process. One I really planned to show was the seasoning I used in the coatings - 7 herbs & spices, just like Colonel Sanders! Salt (does that count?), pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, oregano, green onion. And I had 4 dredge stations set up - egg, flour, bread crumbs, cereal. But here's what I got. Deep frying at home. In researching I learned that shortening is the oldschool southern way, and that coconut oil adds flavor. Since the latter is (relatively) healthy and I have both on hand, I went half and half. I also read that fried chicken was invented in either west Africa or Scotland, which is funny because that is quite the disparate pair of regions. My other takeaway is the whole corn flakes thing is way less amazing than the talk about it says it is. Not a big deal at all, not super different, and not worth the effort. Before and after cooking. Left to right and top to bottom are in the same order - fried in oil, baked mayo coating, baked egg coating.
  10. Lolol, looks like the two I posted had a lovechild
  11. Haha, neither am I. I've never actually owned or wanted one of any kind, myself. But this is what I meant.
  12. The one on the left is more or less what I thought you were referring to when you said "flip-top." The one on the right is like the kettle grill that I have with a lift-off lid. I'm not a super-supremo-grill-lord or anything so maybe I misunderstood what you were getting at..
  13. I was referring to the garden variety grill that you mentioned, you don't have one of those? Sorry, I am confused.
  14. Yes absolutely. Just need to have smoldering wood chips in a cast iron or steel pan with the lid closed. I did it all the time with my little Weber kettle.
  15. I don't have a flip top either, but maybe we'll see if I can pull something off...
  16. Some leftovers are ok. This dish in particular doesn't really work with my dietary goals even if I stretch that to "leftovers for weeks" or had anyone to share with. It's a big thick slab of processed meat. But I am going do it anyway. I just need to figure out the baking time/temp and measurements with smaller portions. I already know how to prep, portion, and freeze, and I have some other thoughts too. You know I hate waste. But I will at min get some good sandwiches and/or breakfast fry out of this. You can definitely smoke stuff with a fliptop barbecue grill. I know a facebook group "Sausage Debauchery" would be very helpful. Plenty of people there have custom, homemade setups, and would also be happy with their physics and technique experience to advise on doing it on the cheap and adaptable to simple gear like a walkabout grill, as that's how many started.
  17. Oddly enough, one of the ones I was looking at is wrapped in either bacon or pancetta and another one I was looking at was a smoked variety. I don't have a smoker so I was wondering if that can be simulated with a garden variety grill?
  18. Leftovers for days!!!!!! Might I suggest a bacon wrap? I heard a good smoked meatloaf that has been wrapped in bacon is delicious.
  19. I've never made one before but I've got a few recipes that look really good. Just gotta figure out which one to go for...
  20. I've never liked meatloaf. Every time I've had it it was pretty dry. But I've been reading / researching recipes, and I'm going to try to do it better. The other challenge is making it for one person. I'll need to do some division and adapting. Hope to give it a shot this weekend.
  21. Bacon egg and cheese McMuffin courtesy of my McMuffin robot.
  22. I'll do anything for meat... but I won't do that. J/k. Really good meatloaf is alright but I might have to set this one out. No one likes to eat it in my house but me who, typically, tolerates it. Still, I've had really good meatloaf in my life but I don't know what takes something that's typically "meh" and makes it amazing, so I'm interested in seeing what you guys post. Maybe some of your dishes will inspire me, later, to make a really good meatloaf since I'm trying to learn how to cook more for the house.
  23. Steak sucks here, both getting a good cut and options for grilling. I'd probably do shitty thin steaks pan fried or on an electric grill, both of which would make me sad.
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