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FS: NES Nintendo, SNES, Genesis Games, GameBoy A & Manuals for Sale

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I got some NES Nintendo and SNES Super Nintendo games for sale. Great chance to fill in your NES collection gaps. Message me if interested in buying. Shipping will be determined on how many games you want and where you live. I would like to ship within the United States and Canada.

*I am selling only. I am not trading.
*If you want a deal on multiple items purchase message me an offer or what your interested in and we can go from there.
*If you want to see pictures of any games please reply with what games you want to see and I will reply with a picture or two..
*Please message me through PM over leaving a comment. I like to get questions answered quickly so PMing will be the best way. 

NES games cartridges Only 

A Boy and his Blob $7 each (x2)

Addam's Family $15

Baseball Stars $8 each (x2)

Final Fantasy $15

Hoops with manual $4
Ice Hockey $3

John Elway's Quarterback $2

Metroid $13

Mystery Quest $5

Might Bomb Jack $8

Pinball with Manual $8

Punisher $20

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Left Bros.)
T&C Surf Designs $4
Tiger Heli $3 

Top Gun $3 

Top Gun 2 $3

Where in Time is Carmen San Diego $7

The following games that are complete with box and instructions. PM for price or pictures if interested in any. If you want pictures please include your email address so I can send them. I am giving you a heads up that most of the boxes are in fair to good shape unless stated. No mint or excellent condition boxes in this lot.

Complete/Boxed NES games (No price means make offer or we can talk price)

Adventures of Tom Sawyer CB (box worn)
Dragon Warrior CIBM
Donkey Kong Classics CIB
Double Dragon CIB
Double Dragon II CIB
Castlevania III (torn tab) CIB
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers CB (box worn) $30
Mario Arcade CIB
Marble Madness CIB (box worn torn tab)
Mega Man 5 CIB (box worn)
Pac-man (tengen) CIB (top flap torn off)
Paperboy CIB (box damage top flap torn)
Pinball CIB 
Rainbow Island CIB
Simpson's Bart vs. the Space Mutants CIB
Super Mario Bros. 2 CB (box damage)
Tetris CIB
Tom & Jerry CIB
Turtles II CB (box worn)

NES Nintendo Manuals Only (These are not games) 
NES Manuals
NES system manual thin manual
NES system manual thick manual
NES Advantage manual (has wrinkles on it)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (no front or back cover)

NES Inserts Only

Pugsly's Scavenger Hunt Poster

Super Mario Bros Join Free Membership insert
Bill Elliot's Nascar Racing Contest Insert

NES Accessories
NES Plastic Cases (Blue and Clear) (x44) $2 each (Take all 39 Plastic Cases for $65 + shipping)

Cleaning Kit (grey cart) $5 
Clear NES cartridges for replacement carts (x3)
Pin Connector (used probably needs refubishing) $2
Zapper $8

NES Nintendo VHS Tapes

Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes & Strategies VHS Tape for Nintendo NES Games $15

Nintendo Guides 
NES Game Passwords $10
Nintendo Greatest Tips (cover has Battletoads on it) $15
Nintendo Power Classified Information $8


SNES Super Nintendo Games
Bulls Vs. Blazers $4
Monopoly (no label) $3
NCAA Basketball $2
Pac-man 2 (extreme label damage) $3

PTO II with manual

Super Baseball Simulator 1000 $6

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island CIB $85
Super Caesar's Palace (discolored) $2
Taz-mania (no label/writing/poor shape) $1



Candyland GBA
Dr. Mario GB
Gradius Galaxies GBA
Paperboy/Rampage GB
Pokemon Red (has marking and carving on back)
Ms. Pac-man Nacmo GBC
River City Ransom GBA
Tetris GB (x2)
Tecmo Bowl GB
Yoshi's Cookie GB

Sega Genesis Games

Golden Axe II CB
Pat Riley's Basketball CIB
Additional Game Stuff
Cheetahmen II Official Guide and Chip (Make Offer)
Game Cleaning Fluid (cleaning of NES games)
Xbox Game cases only (x2)
Nintendo Wii Game case only 
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