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  1. Would anyone happen to have the dimensions for the cardboard inserts for various console boxes? I have the boxes for a couple of these but they didn't come with the insert that holds the console, controller, cables, and documentation but was thinking of making them myself. At the moment I believe I am looking for the following one, OG Xbox Dreamcast Sega Genesis Model 1 Core System (1 controller no game included) Sega Genesis Model 2 Core System (1 controller no game included)
  2. Sadly I live in the opposite side of the country, because it is very tempting.
  3. Let me know if you have this and how much you want for it. I have the games and cases, just missing the sleeve that holds them all together.
  4. Chevmatic


    Is the PSP box still available? Sending PM.
  5. Bought a UForce setup, but the right side grip for the fight stick is damaged. Looking to get a replacement. Might be willing to buy the entire fight stick setup if the price is right and you don't want to split it up. Hit me up if you have one.
  6. Chevmatic


    I'll take them. PM incoming.
  7. Has anyone ever seen a list of Nintendo games that work with the UForce, the selector switch settings for them to work, and instructions on how to play each of the games with the UForce? All I was able to find was a photo scan of the original manual that had a small list of the games that were out at the time and how to set the switches for them along with a few tips. My Nintendo collection is at about 150 so I could get a start on documenting this with my new UForce. Could anyone also please tell me exactly where I should save this documentation for all to see and use?
  8. Chevmatic


    Any ideas what the shipping would be? I'd hate to see this thrown out and would love to have it but don't want to pay a ton for shipping. Could it be flattened and put into a large bubble mailer even?
  9. I see the list has been taken down so I cannot confirm if you have this one documented yet, but No. 0287 was featured on an episode of Metal Jesus Rocks on YouTube.
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