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  1. Hi there, video gamers! We've been asked if there will be a PAL and an NTSC version of Sam's Journey on the NES. The answer is yes, and we're even going the extra mile and will provide equalized gameplay speeds on both systems! It seems to work well so far! Enjoy this little video study where we play the two versions simultaniously with one controller. Just click to play: PAL and NTSC version of Sam's Journey played simultaniously Stay tuned for further updates! Chester Knights of Bytes Facebook · Twitter · YouTube
  2. You haven't seen all of Sam yet. Stay tuned for updates! Glad you liked it! Due to the specific characteristics of the target systems, the C64 and the NES version will each have their own unique look and sound, which is absolutely fine. We will, however, attempt to provide the same level of playability and joy on both machines!
  3. Hi there, video gamers! Waiting for an update on Sam's Journey for the NES? Here we go! Although being a great runner and an amazing jumper, Sam is not at all averse to alternative methods of transportation. The third teaser of our upcoming NES title features Sam in a fiery castle. Watch him climb a web, use moving platforms, and have himself shot across long distances by cannons! Just click to play: Sam's Journey (NES) · Sneak Peek #3 · "Sam's Castle Ride" If you're curious to see more of Sam, just stay tuned! Further updates will be posted as the development progresses. Chester Knights of Bytes Facebook · Twitter · YouTube
  4. To give the fans of platform games on the NES a good time is what we primarily aim for. Our yet-to-be-announced publisher just confirmed that there will options to obtain the game after the Kickstarter. The Kickstarter, however, will help us to get the production costs covered.
  5. Yes, we initially created Sam's Journey for the C64 to bring some NES vibes to that system. And now, with Sam coming to the NES, we're kind of closing the circle!
  6. Well, if he's also a bit into retro gaming, then it's win for everyone! Sam has a few more costums in his wardrobe. Interesting, thanks for mentioning. Our Sam will encounter quite some situations aswell, but other than that, they are not related!
  7. Spotted it, thanks! We're going to post some more stuff very soon.
  8. We're indeed planning on Kickstarting it when we've reached a certain state of progress. We're heading for a physical release, with a cartridge in a box and a printed manual as the "minimum" or "basic" edition.
  9. Hi there, video gamers! I'm Chester from the Knights of Bytes, and we would like to present you some teaser pictures and videos of Sam's Journey, our very first game for the NES. It's about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world. Sam's Journey (NES) · Title Picture Sam may look cute, but he is fast and swift! And with the proper suit, he can change his appearance completely and be a fierce pirate with a mighty cutlass! You can see this in our first teaser video! Just click to play: Sam's Journey (NES) · Sneak Peek #1 · "Here We Go, Sam!" You've already seen Sam become a pirate with a mighty cutlass, but in the hot desert with its ancient temple ruins, a special climbing ability comes in much more handy. Enjoy our second teaser, featuring Ninja Sam and an Egyptian-style soundtrack! Just click to play: Sam's Journey (NES) · Sneak Peek #2 · "Sam's Desert Dream" We're going to post more updates as the development progresses. So if you're curious to see more of Sam, stay tuned! Chester Knights of Bytes Facebook · Twitter · YouTube
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