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  1. Good to know. I've only ever bought one thing from there before, and it was a random light gun for the PS1 / PS2. It was GunCon 1/2 plus Hyperblaster compatible. Pretty uncommon, and no one else bid on it, so I got it fairly cheap.
  2. Well, if you're interested I can facilitate a purchase. (Though I can appreciate the fact I don't have any reputation here to speak of). I've reuploaded the photos here: https://imgur.com/a/g5YudAm The description from the auction is: The current bid is $20 CAD, but I suspect it will go higher before it finishes at 7pm. Shipping tends to be about $7 CAD as well. It was really just coincidence that I saw the post on FB today, and then stumbled upon your post here as well, so I figured I'd help out someone if possible.
  3. There's a CIB (ugly manual) version of M.U.S.C.L.E. available on a Canadian auction for today only if you hurry. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RetRo2.0/permalink/2594801204127045/
  4. I've gone ahead and took photos of the entire set for posterity. As far as I know this is as complete of a set as you can get. I'm not known for throwing away inserts or even the plastic wrap. https://imgur.com/a/qfxHhSu
  5. I just came across this topic while doing some research online, so I hope nobody minds if I revive it. Does anyone know the value of the complete in box Gamecube bundle for this Super Mario Strikers Super Pak? I haven't been able to find any listings of it online at all. I still have mine from when I got it in Canada roughly 15 years ago. I have the Gamecube, the box, and the game, along with all manuals as far as I can tell. Even the plastic wrap for the console. I'm not exactly looking to sell, but I'm curious if there's been a valuation of it in recent history? I can post photos is people need to see it, but there's a rough image online here: https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/gamecube-super-mario-strikers-bundle
  6. Thanks for clarifying! I never really gave it much thought before I guess.
  7. So are "Game Boy Color enhanced" games a different and distinct set to regular GB and GBC game sets? Or are they considered part of the GBC set?
  8. I'm actually curious now about what is considered a complete set of Game Boy games. How is that determined, and why call out Pokemon Yellow as not part of the set? The original box art doesn't call it a Color game, and it is compatible. Then there's Gold / Silver which are also compatible, even though box art says it's for Color. What about games that are black carts, or Pokemon Pinball? I'm honestly curious how we define what a complete set is for something like this.
  9. The bottom one looks just like normal wear and tear to me. Maybe it was stored briefly visible to the sun even? It's a very subtle difference in the pictures anyway.
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