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  1. I'm starting to think so myself! Thanks for posting this picture!
  2. Awesome man. Thanks for ruling that out. Another thing worth noting is that the top cartridge, which I believe sat in its box most of its life, was still in its original plastic bag when I bought this. So, maybe that has something to do with it as well. Its just a tough call because i like the color of the bottom one but the top one is almost mint. Thanks again man. Which one would you keep? Lol. I appreciate your time and opinions!
  3. They correspond with the previous images. Top/bottom. Thanks! This is great! I appreciate all the help here!
  4. It's just strange how the grey color of the monster is such a darker grey! Thanks for the reply! The white yellowing makes a lot of sense to me but this lighter grey is puzzling. Lol. The one on top definitely was, I believe, kept in its box most of its life. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks Abelardo! I'm pretty new here. Can you also tell me if I'm replying to the comments correctly? I'd appreciate that. Lol
  6. Thanks for all the quick replies! I also thought it was worth mentioning that I have opened them to confirm they are legit. Thanks for checking on your copies when you get home. Im wondering about the later down the line production date myself or just a different manufacturer. I like the bottom one because it matches the color of the box perfect but, the top one is near mint! I'm so torn! Lol. Thanks again!!! You guys are awesome!
  7. Can someone answer why the color is so different? I really don't believe either one is a reproduction. I got one from a friend (original owner) and one from an old lady who I'm positive never replaced the label. I recently acquired the copy on the top. Its in much nicer condition than the one on the bottom. You can see the color differences is quite noticeable. The one on the bottom matches the color of the box better. Im hoping someone will know the reason they are so different. Maybe some opinions on which to keep! Lol. I appreciate everyone on here! Thanks in advance!
  8. I paid good money for this cart and hoping someone can shed some light on this. The nintendo "racetrack logo" looks much different than any other game I own. It's much deeper and the letters seem too close together. The first 2 images are the comparison. 1st is one in question.The second is what all my other games look like. Also, here is an image of the pcb. The pcb seems legit but, have heard they have gotten really good at faking these as well. Has anyone seen such a deep and closely lettered logo like this on a legit game? Seems like something is fishy here. Thanks so much for any info!
  9. Wonder which one to keep? Lol. Or if the value differs because of this? Thanks
  10. Thanks for that! I think they are real too just strange how there are different chips on them and also one has blue dots and one has green dots. Also the letters are different, one has L and the other has CM. Maybe it's just where they were manufactured or something. Thanks! Also this is my first post here, or anywhere for that matter. So, I hope I'm replying in the right section. I just click on quote when I reply I guess.
  11. I have 2 copies of smash bros 64 and 2 copies of goldeneye 007. Both have the gold nintendo logo/trademark on the board but look different from one another. I was wondering if someone could explain why?
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