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  1. I tried and my wife is to last to cook:) clean ass house tho
  2. I mean it’s a cool book I’m very good at stop cooking stopped years ago;$
  3. Fuck no lol. I think I half wanted it because what the hell that just shows anything goes on ds lol. I have a cooking one also lol
  4. I legit got this for my girl who used to smoke... she never turned it on once lol
  5. It was some random that works at heritage probably bidding against another random heritage employee
  6. Please don’t sell to the dentist we will never hear the end of it
  7. That’s the heritage effect! I seen your aero fighters that’s a lot cooler then what you are showing here!
  8. I’ve sent you a private message about these I can help you with what I know about prototypes and such.
  9. It’s ape shit what has come out. Wish vgs gave prototypes a sub so it didn’t get drowned out by other collecting interests
  10. Title says it all rather have minty but looking at anything sealed.
  11. I don’t want starfox weekend I want something I passed on along time ago earthbound poster
  12. Different world for sealed honestly a lot of new people are joining due to games being considered a legit collectible. All these new players are trying to gobble up everything they like and having prices go nuts but stuff isn’t readily on eBay anymore. Certain games have dried up super fast so it’s more fomo and good deal hunting then speed collecting
  13. Awesome I think my demo boy 2 is acting up. Also kinda would like a full service you think he’d do that?
  14. What year did you drop the 5k I smell a fun guessing game;)
  15. How do they steal his pictures? He’s releases his prototypes I don’t see what could of happened
  16. You never know I’m sure most of us didn’t see the Mario and sonic craze coming. Most don’t notice that GameCube games are jumping in price outta nowhere.
  17. Yeah I’ve dealt with him before got a bunch of shantae games from him
  18. That’s crazy and I’m not surprised he has it. Is he on here?
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