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  1. I'd say: It's a case by case scenario but basically would need to be every game in a particular series where: 1 - The Character is playable in a full playthrough of the game And/OR 2 - The Character is in the title of the game. But then things like Final Fantasy don't fit in their criteria. Basically how it worked on Nintendo Age is that there were a precise list of every game needed for each series set
  2. Hey! planning on having badge for full series? for Example owning all Mario games or something?
  3. Hey i just heard about this place last week on a reddit thread or FB group (can't remember) and was told that's where NA people went when the place was nuked! So yeah I had the same screen name back then (or was it Psychopat001 ?! i sometime take this one when the original is taken). I'm from Canada, province of Québec. I've been a video game collector now for more than 15 years and a gamer for 30+ years in the good old NES era. I have nearly 3000 games and my current focus is the Ps1 which I'm trying to collect a full set (I am now at 740/1284). Ps1 is the first console I ever owned and
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