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  1. Yeah, for the positive! Ha! Anyways yeah I am 'Of Games' on NA. I will message you one day asking some questions probably
  2. I tried to ignore the advertisement for sake of believing Mahesh, but you know..
  3. It's possible the plastic was locally molded. What's the inside look like?
  4. For reference, this is the photo he sent me (see the attached image.) Also for reference, in talking about the posibility of Samurai selling Famiclones/pirate carts, Mahesh had this to say: "Samurai could only source from Nintendo. After 7 years Samurai sold console with one free official cartridge. Rest the grey market [ Parrallel] Market supplied. Most of samurai Distributors and Dealers started stocking and selling Pirated versions and there was no Option for us to do this" "All Games were always from Nintendo. After about 5 Years Nintendo did allow Samurai to source
  5. Then, Mahesh lied to me in an email. Also see https://web.archive.org/web/20080918224605/http://samuraiindia-nintendo.com/index.html also cool video but some notes region lockout would have been 3196 then 3196A, not 3195/A. In terms of the 3,000 units per month number, Mahesh said this was the minimum order from Nintendo, which coincides with a number I have from a certain other distributor. But who knows, maybe Nintendo wasn't as cruel as one mayt hink. There were two companies. Samurai Electronics, which handled assembly of consoles, and Samurai Software which handled asse
  6. hey @OP how much did you pay for this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gun-Smoke-1988-Nintendo-NES-Rev-A-Video-Game-w-Original-Art-VGA-Graded-85-Wata/333655892219?hash=item4daf70e0fb:g:Z1oAAOSwSaVfMFi- I like collecting 'Nintendo fucked up' misprints..
  7. Unfortunately everything this person (I KNEW! it was an asian writer..) is probably correct/true. Fortunately, nobody in this thread really cares
  8. I have one of these VGA graded (95), a few years (like 10) back a couple boxes of them were auctioned on Yahoo JP. Also I don't understand your question. "Its coming up on HA soon." Are you selling it on HA, or are you wanting to buy it?
  9. OP literally made this thread to cause outrage, so the auction gets more attention. Also lol @ posting links saying games are rare. https://gaming.ebaumsworld.com/articles/10-incredibly-rare-games-worth-thousands-of-dollars/85487493/ has SMB Asian Version at 30k USD, for example. So many stupid posts saying they have 30k now..
  10. New blog, maybe some will enjoy it: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/some-thoughts-cross-cultural-video-game-music-joshua-rogers/?published=t
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