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  1. The controller literally has 2 buttons; you never thought to press either of them? xD
  2. I dunno that I'd say the forum as a whole "hates" Heritage, per se. There's plenty of people on here who buy and sell on there.
  3. I dunno why I read threads backwards lol. @Hollywoodcaddy two things: As Code Monkey pointed out, you can block people Let's avoid: Calling people out publicly like that Using that kind of language We're not a kid's playground or anything, but the site rules do clearly state that you need to not be attacking people. In future, please contact a moderator or administrator directly before calling people out publicly.
  4. That's what I figured; goat cheese is a different texture from American or Cheddar which is more typical.
  5. One of my favorite burgers is ketchup, lettuce, and goat cheese. Maybe give different types of cheese a try!
  6. I only pointed out the ps2 psx cuz it gets people riled up every time lol. I'm am well aware of the history of the term, I've always been a bit of a Playstation fanboy.
  7. I defer to @neodolphino on supply, but I believe if demand is sufficient he can make more. We've been doing them in batches.
  8. The PSX is an actual device that plays PS2 games so I dunno why this is even a poll option lol.
  9. There's people developing whole new games for the ps3 even. They suck, but they exist. Still early days but I am hopeful.
  10. I wasn't aware Wata was in the valuation business; I thought they graded video games.
  11. The pictures are there, but it looks like the links are direct links in the post. If OP can go in and replace the broken images by clicking them again from the attachments on the post, that'll fix the issue. I'd do it myself but I'd likely make mistakes.
  12. You mean the chick that married the lead singer of Nickelback?
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