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  1. The controller literally has 2 buttons; you never thought to press either of them? xD
  2. I dunno that I'd say the forum as a whole "hates" Heritage, per se. There's plenty of people on here who buy and sell on there.
  3. I dunno why I read threads backwards lol. @Hollywoodcaddy two things: As Code Monkey pointed out, you can block people Let's avoid: Calling people out publicly like that Using that kind of language We're not a kid's playground or anything, but the site rules do clearly state that you need to not be attacking people. In future, please contact a moderator or administrator directly before calling people out publicly.
  4. That's what I figured; goat cheese is a different texture from American or Cheddar which is more typical.
  5. One of my favorite burgers is ketchup, lettuce, and goat cheese. Maybe give different types of cheese a try!
  6. I only pointed out the ps2 psx cuz it gets people riled up every time lol. I'm am well aware of the history of the term, I've always been a bit of a Playstation fanboy.
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