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News stories that prove life is an action movie


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23 hours ago, Tulpa said:

Post 'em as they occur.


Pilot pulled from crashed plane in Pacoima moments before Metrolink train slammed into aircraft

This is legitimately amazing. This guy is either the luckiest man alive or has zero luck left and will die tragically within a week.

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Church realises bell stolen when it fails to ring for Sunday service


Church staff reported the break-in but failed to realise damage to a pair of cellar doors was caused by the bell being dropped from 30ft (9.1m) above.

It "didn't occur to us to look up", Rev Faulkner said.

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You guys will like this, but if you have Peacock, go check out True Story.  It's a show hosted by Ed Helms and Randall Park and the premise is the two of them set down with just an average person with an "incredible story".  They listen to the story and, similar to Drunk History, the fill it in with scripted and acted portions that also star other stars.

Anyway, these people tell "epic" tales that happened in their lives and they are suppose to be the ones that we all tell to our buddies, but don't really get told at-large.  The first episode is about a guy who in the late-70s lived in Pittsburg and would sneak into every single Steelers game.  More hijinks than that ensue, but it's worth the listen and watch.

I've only watched one episode, but I imagine most of them fit in the category of this thread.

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