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NES Completions thread 2022 - 564/677 (bonus games - 83/100)


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If no more games are beaten this year, the following games will change by 2+ points for 2023:


                        	Change  	2022	2023
Cobra Triangle          	-3		9	6
Q*Bert                  	-3		8	5
Addams Family           	-2		8	6
Adventures of Rad Gravity	-2		9	7
Air Fortress            	-2		10	8
Blues Brothers          	-2		9	7
Circus Caper            	-2		8	6
Crystalis               	-2		5	3
Elevator Action         	-2		5	3
Galaxy 5000             	-2		8	6
King's Knight           	-2		9	7
Metal Storm             	-2		5	3
Monster Truck Rally     	-2		7	5
Pro Wrestling           	-2		6	4
R.C. Pro-Am II          	-2		8	6
Rad Racer               	-2		6	4
Rad Racer II            	-2		8	6
Rocket Ranger           	-2		10	8
Shadow of the Ninja     	-2		7	5
Simpsons: Bart vs. the World	-2		8	6
Space Shuttle Project   	-2		8	6
Total Recall            	-2		10	8

                        	Change 		2022	2023
Bo Jackson Baseball     	2		8	10
California Games        	2		8	10
Formula 1: Built to Win 	2		8	10
Gemfire                 	2		5	7
Ikari Warriors          	2		5	7
Incredible Crash Dummies	2		5	7
Life Force              	2		3	5
Overlord                	2		1	3
RoadBlasters            	2		2	4
Romance Three Kingdoms  	2		6	8
Romance Three Kingdoms II	2		7	9
Shooting Range           	2		6	8
Side Pocket             	2		8	10
Silver Surfer            	2		5	7
Spy Hunter              	2		4	6
Track & Field             	2		4	6
Uncharted Waters        	2		7	9
Werewolf: The Last Warrior	2		7	9



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  • The title was changed to NES Completions thread 2022 - 563/677 (bonus games - 83/100)

Took one for the team and beat Super Pitfall. Every time I beat this game I swear I'll never touch it again, but it always drags me back. Was one of the first NES games I ever owned.


The only remaining game on the list that I have any confidence in beating is Ultima Exodus and I don't think I'm gonna have the free time to play through that in the next week. With none of the Bases Loadeds completed I think it's safe to say this project is a bust for 2022?


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Bases Loaded 3 is technically just beating one game, but it's not an easy one.  But with 2 and 4 you gotta play a full season, which is just not feasible with a week or so remaining in the year.  I've got my password for Bases Loaded 1 that's around 16 wins in, if anyone wants to pick it up from there, but I'm definitely not working on it anymore.

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  • The title was changed to NES Completions thread 2022 - 564/677 (bonus games - 83/100)

Looks like we'll end the year with 564 licensed games finished, which is not great, but at least we bested the worst ever total (562, in 2013). As I mentioned last year, I can't help but think that adding the bonus games does end up hurting our overall efforts, but oh well. I'll probably make another bonus games list for next year later tonight (maybe some of the same games, if I go by quality).

Personally, I didn't play as much NES this year. The only new game I finished was Legendary Wings (plus a few more if you count stuff without credits - that does count for these threads, but not for my personal list). Oh, I beat the Famicom RPG Juvei Quest as well.

I spent a lot of time getting into some of the PS1 games that I'd been meaning to check out for years. I've been posting over in that thread on occasion. And like so many other gamers, Elden Ring dominated my year. I'm not sure if there's too many NES games on my list to play that I haven't already. It's mostly Famicom stuff at this point. Maybe a few of the Konami western exclusives like Lone Ranger and Rollergames. Oh yeah, Wizardry as well - I keep meaning to get into that one.

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I didn't do anywhere near as much NES gaming this year as compared to previous ones. For me it was mostly playing FFXI, an MMORPG, which really sucked up a ton of my time and distracted me from this.

I still did some completions for this thread, and played a lot of new games, including a lot of the bonus games, and hit most of my repeat wins. I only got a few new NES completions though, where in past years I've gotten more. There are still plenty of NES games I'd like to beat which I haven't beaten yet, so there's no shortage of games to play next year!

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I don't think the extra games hurt.  After a while I started just playing games I wanted to play.  I knocked off 12 Famicom games this year, for example, almost doubling my combined total for all previous years.  In total, I knocked off 72 first time completions, but after a while slogging through so many grinds, I just ended up burning out and working on easier completions.  I think I'd like to see a different mix of bonus games though.  I would definitely prefer having all unlicensed, and I'll argue that point until the day I die.  I also think all the PAL exclusives would be good to add, and a larger selection of Famicom games to boot.  There were a ton of interesting translation patches released this year that would make for some fine additions.  I say forget about hacks, homebrews and FDS games.  The latter because of availability, and the former because, well, I couldn't give a crap about them 😛 Honestly, I'd sooner play through Action 52 in its entirety than waste time with a hack or like 95% of homebrews.  Anyway, I'm thinking after such a great year I'm gonna do a few favorites that didn't get done this year, like Romance of the Three Kingdoms II and the Wizardry games.  And maybe The Punisher...it's been a few years since I last ran through it.  I'll leave the flight sims and basketball games to someone else 😆 

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22 minutes ago, TriHart said:

I've had a big urge to play some NES games again, I'm itching to get going on the 2023 list. Haven't been active here for a time, so I'm looking forward to helping out.  

Ill be plugging away at some of the games I have, starting tonight at midnight. 😂

That's midnight VGS time, so here in Alberta it'll be like 10pm.  Just so you know.

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Personally, I'm still a little miffed I didn't get any points for FF3j since that was one of the toughest Famicom games I've played, particularly the final dungeon where you HAVE to do it in one shot without dying and can't exit. Die against the final boss and you just wasted 90 minutes. Because of that, I will never replay the Famicom version again. The FF2j Famicom version is miserable too. At least FF1 only takes 15-20 minutes once you're ready to win.


Will make a much better effort to play more games in 2023. My Everdrive Pro 8 and 8bitdo wireless controller have the best retro gaming setup I've ever had!

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