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Pumpkin Town: Finished!


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Collect all 13 treats if you can!

Game FAQ: https://pastebin.com/YwJiJfxs

Score: 13/13

Your House

>You are all alone in your house on Halloween night. There is a ceramic jack o' lantern here filled with Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. There is a pile of boxes on the floor.

Exits are: Out


Elm Street

>You are on Elm Street, outside Your House. It is late and all the houses are dark except for the house across the street. There is a storm drain here. A bone ladder hangs in midair.

Exits are: East, up, enter (house)


Main Street, Pumpkin Town

>Welcome to Pumpkin Town! All the shops are closed except for one: Yum Yum Candy Factory. The bone ladder is here, hanging in midair.

Exits are: North, northwest, west, southwest, east, southeast, south, and up.


The Yum Yum Candy Factory

>You feel like a kid in... in some kind of a store. There doesn't seem to be anyone working here today except for a prickly looking security guard sitting outside the Candy lab..

exits are: Out, enter (candy lab)


Candy Lab

>The lab is filled with all sorts of weird equipment: hyrdometers, thermometers, beakers, bunsen burners and tumblers. There are some jawbreakers and a note on the countertop.

Exits are: Out


The Graveyard

>You're in the Graveyard, where townsfolk go to recover from a lack of Halloween spirit. The night nurse is standing beside an open grave. There is a bucket here. 

Exits are: West, enter (grave)


Abandoned Cathedral

>You wander through the crumbling cathedral and marvel at its gothic beauty. A rickety, wooden staircase leads up to the bell tower. A trail east leads to a fenced in Graveyard.

Exits are: Up, east, west


The Bell Tower

>You climb up the rickety staircase until you reach the bell tower. Above, you hear the rustling of leathery wings in the belfry. Far below, you can see the Graveyard to the east and lights beyond the forest to the west. There is a hunchback here standing beside the huge bell.

Exits are: Down


The Forest of Death

>The Forest of Death looms dark and ominous. You hear the hoot of owls and sense something watching you from the shadows. Through the gloom you can barely make out the lights of town beyond, to the east you see the shape of a tower rising from the trees: the cursed ruins of the Abandoned Cathedral.

Exits are: East, West


Tentacle Hill

>You can see all of Pumpkin Town from the top of this hill. There is a house here with a car in the driveway.

Exits are: Southeast, enter (house), enter (car)


Cauldron Point

>You are standing on a beach by a large lake. A fishy looking lifeguard is sitting in a guard chair.

Exits are: South, enter (lake)


Mucky-Muck Swamp

>You arrive at the edge of a dark, dank and fetid swamp. It smells terrible. Black licorice syrup bubbles up from the darkest pools of sludgy water and glowing red eyes watch you from the shadows. Dare you enter the swamp? If only you had a way to check where you were stepping...

Exits are: Northeast, enter (swamp)

A Tin Shack

>You're in a derelict shack. Inside is a table and a bottle of butterscotch.

Exits are: Out


Ghost Train Station

>You're on the platform of the ghost train. You see a sign. There is a vial of pixie dust here.

Exits are: East, enter (train)


Pitchfork Farms

>You're at a pleasant-looking farm populated by marshmallow chicks and zombie cows.

Exits are: Northwest, east


The Midway, Funland

>You're standing in the midway of Funland, an old carnival. The ghost train runs through the midway to transport visitors back to Pumpkin Town. In front of you is a humongous circus tent. There's an old witch here by a snack cart.

Exits are: enter (train), enter (Big Top)


Inside the Big Top

>Inside the Big Top is a bustling community of circus freaks, clowns, acrobats and entertainers. A shifty carny stands next to a "game of skill" and gives you the evil eye.

Exits are: Out


Gingerbread Fields

>Little gingerbread men frolic in this wide-open pasture. Occasionally, a bat swoops down and carries one off, much to the horror of the other gingerbread men.

Exits are: West, South


The Sugar Mines

>Zombie miners patrol the twisting tunnels, mining for delicious rock candy. Down a dark and spooky mine shaft are the Creepy Catacombs!

Exits are: North, east


The Creepy Catacombs

>You're in the Creepy Catacombs, a network of tunnels that runs beneath Pumpkin Town. It looks like one of those tunnels has collapsed -- debris litters the ground. An arched passage leads deeper down into the unknown...

Exits are: West, south


Pumpkin Town Hell

>This place is uncomfortably hot! Little devils with pitchforks dance around gouts of flame to old-timey jazz music. A larger devil approaches you as you enter Pumpkin Town Hell.

Exits are: North

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2 hours ago, JamesRobot said:

Look in boxes 

>They contain Halloween costumes your mom got out for you from the attic. One is a vintage "Wicked Witch" costume, one is an officially licensed "Pirate Bill" costume, and the last has "Action Spooky Ghost" written on it in magic marker. You may only take one!

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2 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

Eat the bubble gum and go out

>You eat the gum. It will remain there for the next seven years.

>You go out.

Elm Street

>You are on Elm Street, outside Your House. It is late and all the houses are dark except for the house across the street. There is a storm drain here. A bone ladder hangs in midair.

Exits are: East, up, enter (house)

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42 minutes ago, Splain said:


>special commands include: Help, Inventory, Save, Load, Restore, Score.

Basic commands include...

directions: Go, exit, leave, enter, east, west, north, south, up, down (dependent on available options).

Sensory: Look, examine, search, take, drop.

Interaction: (context dependent)

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