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NES Mario ebay sales questions


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16 minutes ago, OptOut said:

PAL NES games are less common in general than US games, and so finding good condition copies is that much harder. I'm not surprised they would sell for more, especially in top condition.

This is so true.

I feel like so many PAL kids were savages with their games too. I see all these nice looking US NES games and they look like some pristine relic compared to the PAL stuff.

I’m not really surprised these sold for more. PAL stuff is much rarer than US stuff, especially on NES because Sega dominated, so there’s nowhere near the same sales across PAL territories as the US/Can.

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Neither of the US game listings offered international shipping. Americans will pay much more for American games than Europeans will, generally speaking, and almost all American buyers would not even have seen those listings, since they didn't offer shipping to the US.

Someone good at eBay searching likely got some good deals.

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